Diana Santos: Short presentation

I am currently teaching Portuguese language and linguistics at the University of Oslo (Institute for European languages, literature and area studies), after 25 years of research and development on the computational processing of Portuguese, which included the launching and management of the Linguateca project, which is still alive.

For my current and past teaching, please see my institutional page at UiO. My research interests (both from a language and a computational point of view) are Semantics, Translation, Corpus-based research and teaching, Evaluation, Cultural studies, and Statistical methods in linguistics and literature.

Identitywise, I am therefore: a language engineer, a computational linguist, a corpus linguist, and a researcher in digital humanities. See my homepage at the Linguateca site for further information and publications, mainly for a lusophone or at least lusophile audience.

But life at university is much more than teaching and/or writing papers... so:

I have also written a booklet on Portuguese to convince pupils and their parents to choose Portuguese as foreign language at high school, and co-authored a book to teach Portuguese: Of historical interest (?), see my interview (in Norwegian) as new employee at ILOS, 18 March 2011.
Last modified: 21 August 2017